Ventilatsiooniseade Komfovent Domekt CF 150 F C6M

Õhuvooluhulk: 60m³-260m³
Sobilik ruumidesse: kuni 60m²
Soojusvaheti: Vastuvoolu plaatsoojusvaheti
Tootekood: - Kategooria: Silt:


  • Maximal air flow 157 m3/h
  • A+ energy class
  • 2 integrated heaters – designed for operation in cold climate zones
  • Smart C6M control system
  • Very high efficiency
  • EPP technology – better insulation without thermal bridges
  • Condensing counterflow plate heat exchanger works effectively up to -4°C, perfect solution for premises with high humidity, as it effectively eliminates humidity in the cold seasons
  • The diffusion-enthalpy counterflow plate heat exchanger saves heat and cold, maintains an optimal indoor microclimate, is less sensitive to icing, and regenerates humidity



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